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Asphalt Seal Coating


Edmonton’s Asphalt Sealing Coating Experts

Newly paved asphalt has a deep, black color. However, over time, it will become grayer and coarser as the liquid asphalt (also called bitumen) that acts as its binder breaks down. This degradation can be prevented by sealing the asphalt regularly, which has two benefits: it restores the asphalt’s deep black color, making it look better, and it restores the binder, which strengthens the pavement.


Our company has a lot of experience in sealing asphalt, which is our oldest service line. Our management staff is skilled in barricading, site preparation, and coordination to minimize inconvenience to customers who have to give up their parking lot for some time. We use ArmorSeal, a high-quality, locally popular sealer, and we understand how the right dilution ratios can extend the seal’s lifespan. Sealing asphalt every 3-7 years is much more cost-effective than completely replacing damaged asphalt.

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